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By law, which hose assemblies must be CRN certified?

By law, hose assemblies require CRNs as outlined in CSA B51: Boiler, Pressure Vessel, and Pressure Piping Code. Hose assemblies are included under the category "D" fittings in the code. This typically includes hose assemblies associated with a boiler (i.e. steam hose), a compressor (i.e. air hose), or a pressurized tank/cylinder (i.e. oxygen hose, nitrogen hose, etc).

The following exemptions are allowed:
  • pressure vessels less than 1.5 cubic feet
  • pressure less than 15 psi
  • air hose assemblies 3/4" I.D. and smaller
  • propane, acetylene, fuel gas assembles (these are covered by the Fuel Gas Code)
  • water hose assemblies up to 250 psi and under 150 degrees F.
  • open ended system e.g. a hose attached to a pump to discharge fluid into an open tank

It should also be noted that most hydraulic hose assemblies and pressure wash assemblies are associated only with a pump and not a pressure vessel and therefore are outside the code.

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